Which prescribers can be nominated?

Any primary care provider (including general practitioners [GP] or nurse practitioners [NP]) who can issue an S85 script can be nominated by a participant to prescribe and be part of the Motivate C project.

Will the prescriber be compensated?

Participants will be randomised to one of two groups. In one group, their nominated primary provider will be eligible to receive a compensation payment for prescribing hep C treatment; in the other group the nominated primary provider will not be eligible for compensation.

Can I recommend a patient to Motivate C?

You can recommend Motivate C to any adult patient who has a hep C infection (i.e., must have had a diagnosis of hep C with a positive blood test result). They may be eligible to take part in the Motivate C project if they:

  • are over 18 years of age
  • have a Medicare card
  • haven’t received hep C treatment in the previous 6 months

Please note: To be eligible for payments, patients need to speak to a navigator and enrol in the project before any further tests are requested or a prescription for DAA medication has been issued.

How do people register their interest?

People can register their interest using their mobile phone and texting ’REGISTER‘ to 0483909999.

Who will prescribe hep C treatment?

If a participant is eligible for the Motivate C project and they enrol, they can either nominate you as their preferred prescriber or we will help them to arrange hep C treatment with another GP/NP.

A participant has nominated me as their preferred hep C prescriber, what do I need to do?

A navigator will send a letter to your practice which describes the Motivate C project procedures and provides hep C resources for prescribers.

For any further information, please contact the project team at motivatec.project@sydney.edu.au

Are there any extra tests that participants need as part of the project?

You may need to confirm that they are eligible for treatment by arranging an HCV PCR test as per ASHM guidelines). Decision Making in Hepatitis C – ASHM.

Before commencing treatment, they will also need: FBE, EUC, LFT, AST, INR, HIV test, HBsAg, HBsAb, HBcAb, HAV IgG. Annotate the pathology form with “starting HCV treatment”.

If you are comfortable to prescribe based on a recent positive HCV PCR test result, this project does not require you to retest, if it’s not clinically indicated.

How do I prescribe treatment?

Experienced hep C prescribers can prescribe as normal. If you are not an experienced hep c prescriber, many resources are available to assist. For supported prescribing, your local health pathways will have a HCV consultation request form which you can complete and send to your local hepatology team. Alternatively, prescribing support is also available through the REACH-C project REACH-C Form.

What is involved for participants?

Information for participants is available here.

If you have any queries or for more information about Motivate C, please email motivatec.project@sydney.edu.au