The MotivateC Project – How it works

Who can take part in Motivate C?

People with hep C infection may be able to take part in the Motivate C project if they:

  • have been previously diagnosed with hep C (by a blood test)
  • are over 18 years old
  • have a Medicare card
  • haven’t received hep C treatment in the past 6 months

Steps of the project

You need to complete Steps 1 – 4 (which may take up to 6 weeks), to be eligible to receive the compensation payment.

You will need to complete Step 5 within 12 weeks of registering to be eligible for the randomised incentive payment, if applicable.



  • You can self-register for this study by texting ‘Register’ to 0483909999 or by clicking the ‘Register Now’ button
  • This will initiate a series of SMS messages
  • There will be questions to confirm the suitability of the study for you
  • A randomised incentive amount will be generated and displayed in the SMS
  • If you agree to proceed you can respond ‘YES’. You will then be contacted by a project navigator

Please note: To be eligible for payment you MUST speak to a navigator before you go to your GP/NP



  • The project navigator will contact you on your phone number
  • The navigator will confirm suitability of the study to you and check that you consent to

Step 2 may take up to 3 business days following your registration



  • You will need to organise a confirmatory hep C blood test. For this, you can either:
      • nominate a GP/NP of your choice or
      • be allocated a bulk-billing GP from our list of Motivate C GPs


  • Your navigator will need to see your hep C test results over a video call
  • Once the test results are sighted, you will receive a $105 payment for your time via your choice of a physical or digital debit card

Steps 3 – 4 can take up to 4 weeks depending on the availability of your GP/NP and pathology



  • The GP/NP will provide a prescription for Hep C treatment, if you are suitable for treatment or your GP/NP may refer you to a specialist for further assessment
  • You can take the prescription to any pharmacy. (You will need to make the regular Medicare co-payment ($30 or $7.30 if you have a concession card)
  • The pharmacy may need to order the medication, and this could take more than a week
  • The navigator will then organise to see your dispensed hep C treatment bottle over a video call
  • Once sighted, you will receive the randomised incentive amount via your choice of a physical or digital debit card 
  • Your navigator will organise further phone calls with you as needed

Step 5 may take up to 6 weeks or longer if a specialist assessment or other tests are required

Please note you will still be required to show proof of medication within 12 weeks of registration (the date you replied ‘YES’ to the SMS), to be eligible to receive your incentive payment



  • For most people, treatment will be tablets taken each day for 8 – 12 weeks. Your GP/NP will tell you if you need longer treatment
  • You will need to see your GP/NP again one to three months after you finish treatment. Your navigator will send you a reminder
  • Your GP/NP will organise for you to have another blood test to check that your hep C has been cured
  • If you are eligible for any other payments, you will be told in advance what you need to do qualify

If you have any queries or for more information about Motivate C, please email

Start living a Hep C free life today

Start living a Hep C free life today

For detailed information please refer to the Participant FAQ or the GP FAQ.  You can download a PDF of the  Participant Information Sheet here.